Australian Weeds Strategy (2007-2017)

The Australian Weeds Strategy (2007-2017) provided a framework to establish consistent guidance for all parties, and identifies priorities for weed management across the nation with the aim of minimising the impact of weeds on Australia’s environmental, economic and social assets.

An economic evaluation of the research benefits and returns on investment in the Invasive Plants Cooperative Research Centre

This report by by Randall Jones, Garry Griffith and David Vere (NSW DPI) evaluates the economic return on benefit based on seven years of CRC work.

Impact of weeds on threatened biodiversity in New South Wales

This report by by Aaron Coutts-Smith and Paul Downey (NSW Pest Management Unit, Parks and Wildlife Division Department of Environment and Conservation) looks at the biodiversity impacts of weeds on the natural environment.

Economic impact assessment of Australian weed biological control

This report by AR Page and KL Lacey (AECgroup) examines the return on investment of the Australian weed biological control (biocontrol) effort.