National Established Weed Priorities (NEWP)

NEWP is a collaborative initiative to determine and address weed priorities through nationally coordinated actions.

NEWP’s objective is to reduce the further spread and impacts of established weeds across Australia.

The NEWP is a key mechanism for implementing the Australian Weeds Strategy 2017-2027 and to achieve action under the National Framework for the Management of Established Pests and Diseases of National Significance (EPDNS).

The NEWP is reinvigorating Weeds of National Significance (WoNS) and introducing a broader approach to tackling priority weed issues (Weed Issues of National Significance – WINS).

Benefits include support to landholders to tackle shared weed problems, access tools and training, reduction in impacts over time, improved soil health, facilitating research and harnessing resource investment and efficiencies.

Initial focus is determining new national weed priorities. This process is being led by ABARES with support and advice from the Weeds Working Group and NEWP Steering Group.

Following the determination of new national weed priorities, government and non-government stakeholders will consider investment, which will determine the scale of NEWP implementation.

Current status: planning and consultation on the WoNS methodology to prioritise new WoNS in progress.
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NEWP Steering Group

Reflecting that NEWP is a collaborative initiative between government and non-government stakeholders, a NEWP Steering Group, consisting of representatives of all stakeholder sectors in weed management, will lead the overall implementation of NEWP.

The NEWP Steering Group provides strategic advice to the Environment and Invasives Committee (EIC) Weeds Working Group, which is accountable for this initiative to the Environment and Invasives Committee and the National Biosecurity Committee.

Further details are contained in the NEWP Terms of Reference.

The NEWP Steering Group will initially oversee the determination of new national weed priorities, with executive officer services provided by DAFF in the interim until the National Facilitator is appointed. Following determination of new national weed priorities, government and non-government stakeholders will consider investment. This will determine the scale of NEWP implementation and future role of the NEWP Steering Group.

The members of the NEWP Steering Group are:

Industry & Community
Name Organisation Sector
Cameron Allan (Chair) Meat and Livestock Australia Agriculture
Allan Peake
Justin Bellanger (co-Chair) NRM Regions Australia Natural resources management
Alex Vaughn Arid Lands Environmental Centre Biodiversity conservation
Angus Atkinson National Farmers Federation Agriculture
Natalie Rossiter-Rocher National Environmental Science Program/Charles Darwin University Scientific research
Richard Hyett Australian Forest Products Association Forestry
Sarah Morran Grains Research and Development Organisation Agriculture
Shane Campbell University of Queensland Scientific research
Weeds Working Group (WWG)
Name Organisation Sector
Ben Gooden CSIRO  Scientific research
Giverny Rodgers Primary Industries and Regions South Australia State/Territory government
Karen Stewart Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania State/Territory government
Kellie Passeretto Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions Western Australia State/Territory government
Liz Lindsay Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) Australian Government
Tony Dugdale Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action Victoria State/Territory government
Lou Elliott NT Government State/Territory government
Michelle Franklin
Hillary Cherry NSW Government  State/Territory government
Shalan Scholfield Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Australian Government
Craig Hunter Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries   State/Territory government

NEWP Steering Group communique – Meeting 1, 8 May 2024

The NEWP SG met virtually on 8 May to discuss delivery of the initial phase of NEWP, that will determine new national weed priorities.

Government and non-government members gained a shared understanding of their role as members of the NEWP SG, work to date and scope of work to deliver the initial phase.

The Weeds Working Group co-chair provided an overview of the NEWP initiative in terms of goal, drivers, components of NEWP and the initial phase approved by the National Biosecurity Committee.
The group discussed and endorsed the Communications and Engagement Plan and Project Plan.

Draft Weeds of National Significance nomination process documents were shared with members for feedback. Documents have been informed by multiple workshops held with interested groups.