The status of biological control research for 27 Weeds of National Significance

Biocontrol often forms a vital component of integrated weed management strategies and is a proven approach in the Australian context. Close to 40% of biocontrol programs have been considered successful, delivering an overall benefit-cost ratio of 23:1.

Alien Flora of Australia

Biological invasions are a major threat to Australia. Information on alien flora in Australia is collated independently by different jurisdictions, which has led to inconsistencies at the national level, hampering efficient management. The Alien Flora of Australia (AFA) is an Australian first: a nationally unified dataset that harmonises different information sources.

National Weed Biocontrol Pipeline Strategy

This Strategy aims to guide Australia’s future weed biocontrol research, development and extension activities for priority weeds at a national scale. It was endorsed by the Environment and Invasives Committee in July 2023.

Following a competitive process, the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions and its partners have been engaged by DAFF to deliver the initial phase of work by late 2024.