The introduced flora of Australia and its weed status

This landmark 2007 report, introduced flora of Australia and its weed status by R.P. Randell lists 29,430 plant species and identifies the 2,739 naturalised species of the 26,242 introduced plant species in Australia, and 5,907 species present in Australia which have weed histories elsewhere in the world but no current history as a weed in Australia. It is these plants that are most likely to become weeds in Australia, given the right opportunities.

Weeds of pastures and field crops in Tasmania: economic impacts and biological control

The primary aim of this technical bulletin by By J.E. Ireson, J.T. Davies, D.A. Friend, R.J. Holloway, W.S. Chatterton, E.I. Van Putten and R.E.C. McFadyen was to provide a revised assessment of the cost of weeds to Tasmanian pastures and field crops as well as identifying the weeds that are having the most significant impact on Tasmanian agriculture. It also reviews the current status of all weed biological control programs that have been conducted in Tasmania against some of the major weeds and provides a case study of the successful biological control program on ragwort. The document should serve as a useful reference for those involved in weed control both within the state and nationally.