• A Field Manual for Surveying and Mapping Nationally Significant Weeds

    Aimed primarily at land managers, land management agencies and research organisations, this manual is based on collecting the minimum information agreed by the Australian Weeds Committee (AWC) as core attributes for monitoring the distribution and spread of Weeds of National Significance (WONS).

  • Biological control of weeds: A practitioner’s guide to south-east Australia

    This manual provides key steps for undertaking weed biocontrol for more than 50 weeds species in south-east Australia. It provides information on:
    – weeds and their background
    – how to identify biocontrol agents (the weed’s natural enemies) and their potential impact on the weed
    – how to source biocontrol agents
    – how to redistribute these agents
    – how to monitor establishment and dispersal of such agents.

  • Early invader manual: Managing early invader environmental weeds in Victoria

    This “Early invader manual: managing early invader environmental weeds in Victoria” (manual) is a summary of a set of six detailed guides about early invader management. They can help improve decision making about what are the highest risk weeds, how to search for and identify them, determine where the infestation boundaries are, work out which management approach is best and where feasible, respond with local eradication.

  • A field manual for surveying and mapping nationally significant weeds

    This field manual by McNaught, I, Thackway R, Brown L, and Parson M is aimed primarily at land managers, management agencies and research organisations to assist in surveying and mapping nationally significant weeds