Early invader manual: Managing early invader environmental weeds in Victoria

This “Early invader manual: managing early invader environmental weeds in Victoria” (manual) is a summary of a set of six detailed guides about early invader management. They can help improve decision making about what are the highest risk weeds, how to search for and identify them, determine where the infestation boundaries are, work out which management approach is best and where feasible, respond with local eradication.

Agriculture Victoria

By looking out for and reporting State prohibited weeds, you can help protect Victoria from these high-risk invasive plants.

Weed Spotters Network Victoria

Weed Spotters assist the Victorian Government by looking out for and reporting State prohibited weeds. These are a group of high-risk invasive plants that are declared under the Victorian Invasive Plants Classifications.

Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party

The VSTWP is an incorporated non-profit organisation comprised of community members in collaboration with a range of stakeholders. Program staff and extension officers work closely with Landcare groups, landholders, local government, and other agencies to promote a holistic approach to land management and serrated tussock control. The VSTWP is part of a wider effort to manage pest animals and plants in Victoria