Leschenault Biosecurity Group Inc.

Leschenault Biosecurity Group Inc is a community based not for profit whose purpose is to protect the region’s diverse land uses and natural values against the significant impacts of pests – both animal and plant – through cooperation and collaboration

NSW WeedsAlert

NSW WeedAlert is part of the NSW Flora Online and provides an ability to search for introduced plant species in a botanical region of New South Wales or the entire state.

Eradication of Kochia in Western Australia

Kochia (Bassia scoparia) is a large, fast-growing annual weed of cereal crops and pastures in warmer regions of the world that is also grown as a salt-tolerant forage plant. It was introduced into the Western Australian wheat belt in 1990 as a forage plant and to revegetate salt-affected land, but soon began to spread and become invasive.