What is WeedScan?

WeedScan is Australia’s first AI weed identification and management app, trained by the CSIRO on more than 120, 000 weed images. It’s been field tested across Australia by scientists, farmers, community groups, agronomists, rangers, weeds and natural resource management officers.

The app currently enables identification, recording and alerts for 272 priority weeds, with a vision to expand its coverage to over 1,000 significant weeds over time. Backed by the latest management information to support cooperative weeds action Australia-wide, the app provides access to best practice management information and supports both individuals and groups.

How do I download the app and participate in beta testing?
Download the app:
• for iOS at the App Store
• for Android at Google Play.

Please register your participation with Tomas Mitchell-Storey via email weeds@invasives.com.au

What’s involved in beta testing?
Your knowledge of weeds in your local area is valuable! Check the list of weeds currently loaded to WeedScan to find weeds you can test.

Feedback on these specific weeds will enable the project team to improve the WeedScan App before its public release in late 2023. Beta testing participants can provide valuable feedback during that time, including:
• reporting any crashes, bugs or things you found annoying with the app
• how you used the app
• listing potential improvements to the current app that would make WeedScan work better and
• listing additional features that would be useful to improve WeedScan.

If you’re a member of a Landcare, community and NRM weed group, we’d be particularly interested in your experience of the WeedScan Groups function, including your feedback on what functions would improve this feature.

Provide your feedback to Tomas Mitchell-Storey on email weeds@invasives.com.au or (02) 6201 2887.

Rather than lodging reviews on the app store, submitting your feedback directly will shape the app ahead of its formal launch.

Who’s behind WeedScan?

WeedScan has been developed through the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions by NSW Department of Primary Industries, CSIRO and 2pi Software, in partnership with the Queensland, South Australian and Victorian Governments. The Australian Government National Landcare Program provided financial support for the project. This is your chance to get behind WeedScan too.

What if I have questions?
Please contact Tomas Mitchell-Storey (details above) if you have questions about the app or your participation in WeedScan beta testing.

To get the best from the app and learn the basics, the app user guide is a handy resource.

Download the app today and join CISS and our partners in the fight against Australia’s priority weeds.