• National Categorisation System for Invasive Species

    Endorsed by the National Biosecurity Committee in July 2011, this resource establishes a need to prioritise pest species or targets for control. The document outlines four agreed national categories for invasive species taxa, together with ‘selection criteria’ used to assign candidate taxa to these categories.

  • Prioritising Targets for Biological Control of Weeds – a Decision Support Tool for Policy Makers

    Published by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, this resource considers the decision support tools required to assist policy makers in assessing whether biocontrol is an appropriate option for weed control.

  • Draft National Established Weed Priorities – Towards a National Framework

    The Environment and Invasives Committee’s Weeds Working Group commissioned this report in 2020 to analyse the WoNS initiative and develop a draft a framework to underpin the future of national established weed management.

  • Australian Weeds Strategy (2017-2027)

    ​​​​​The current Australian Weeds Strategy (2017-2027) provides a national framework for addressing weed issues whilst maintaining the profitability and sustainability of Australia’s primary industries and the reducing the impact of weeds on the environment.

  • Australian Weeds Strategy (2007-2017)

    The Australian Weeds Strategy (2007-2017) provided a framework to establish consistent guidance for all parties, and identifies priorities for weed management across the nation with the aim of minimising the impact of weeds on Australia’s environmental, economic and social assets.